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These Beach Resorts in Johor Will Be Your Best Remedy

If you live in Singapore, you’re most likely familiar with the tedious lifestyle of living in a big city. There are just so many times that you can see the same places, visit the same malls, and eat at the same restaurants before you get bored of them all.

Johor coastline

Fortunately, just across the Johor-Singapore Causeway lies the sunny Malaysian state of Johor, a tropical paradise where many busy Singaporeans take refuge in its crystal clear water beaches. So, by just taking a bus from Singapore to Johor, you are merely a stone’s throw away from some of the most amazing beach resorts.

Here are 5 Johor resorts you can’t miss during your next vacation.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort
Lotus Desaru is a paradisaical spot located on the eastern seashore of Johor and just 2 hours by road from Singapore. Sandwiched between the beach and the unspoiled nature of the Malaysian jungle, the resort includes 700 spacious suites that are fully equipped with a large wardrobe, bathroom, its own kitchen, and everything else you need to feel at home.

The resort’s large swimming pool is a great place to relax and it also has its own water park where kids can play. For holiday-makers looking for a bigger pool, Lotus Desaru is located right next to the beach and it offers many fun activities for people of all ages, including boat rides, Jet Skiing, and parasailing. Hiking expeditions are also available for guests wanting to see the exotic jungle while those who stay in can be pampered at the resort’s comfortable spa facilities.

Tad Marine Resort
Located on the exotic island of Pulau Tinggi, Tad Marine is a sunny beach resort with the charm of an untouched paradise. Tad Marine is an ideal destination for vacationers looking for more secluded accommodations since its stylish chalets provide a comfortable place to rest and relax in private before resuming their adventure.

In addition to its comfortable chalets, the resort also offers many fun activities for guests. Whether it’s exploring the nearby reefs via snorkelling or scuba diving tours, hiking across the island or exploring nearby islands, there’s plenty of adventure to be had. Lastly, no stay at this resort is complete without visiting their spa for a full rejuvenating treatment of mind, body and soul.

Rawa Island Resort
Located on the tropical island of the same name, Rawa Island is an idyllic resort where busy city-dwellers can find the peace and quiet they deserve. Whether it’s renting a chalet or bungalow along the main beach or a hillside villa with a view of the whole island, you can choose your accommodations based on your preferences and budget. Besides its beautiful views, the resort also offers many water activities including diving near the intact house reef that surrounds the island.

For vacationers who wish to enjoy a more tranquil stay, the resort’s spa is the perfect place to get everything from foot massages to reflexology, or simply bathing in the Jacuzzi. Just don’t forget to stop by their excellent restaurant between your adventures to taste some of the most delicious seafood you’ve ever had.

Aseania Resort Pulau Besar
With only 47 rooms, Aseania Resort is one of the most exclusive vacationing destinations in Johor. Aseania Resort is located on the island of Pulau Besar and is well-known for its year-round nature expeditions to the reefs surrounding the island and its cozy rooms decorated in Malay kampung style. Guests can choose their rooms either near the beach or on the hills; both types are furnished with everything you may need, including air-conditioning, comfortable bathrooms, mini refrigerator and satellite TV.

In addition to offering many fun water activities, the resort also has its own swimming pool where you can relax in quiet waters while friendly bartenders serve you your favourite drinks and cocktails. Foodies certainly love the resort’s Kayu Manis Restaurant, where exotic Balinese decoration complements delicious food.

Sea Gypsy Village Resort & Dive Base
Located in Sibu Island and bathed by the crystalline waters of the South China Sea, Sea Gypsy is a secluded resort with a friendly, community-like vibe of a traditional holiday resort. For tourists looking for an affordable escapade from the big city, Sea Gypsy offers comfortable beach cabins and a chilled environment far from the busy beaches of mainland Johor.

The cabins are rustic but extremely clean, and located so near the beach that you go to bed hearing the calming sounds of the sea. For those with kids, there are also many activities available, including a children’s club where the little ones can have fun while the grown-ups explore the island.

The resort offers many exciting activities, such as kayaking, sailing, snorkelling and hiking. Between your adventures, do stop by the restaurant to taste the delectable buffet spread or have a relaxing drink among friends.

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11 thoughts on “These Beach Resorts in Johor Will Be Your Best Remedy

  1. If i think about beach resort in Johor, I just want to go to Rawa Island. I love that the water is so clear and beautiful. I hope though, that Malaysians will take care and preserve our own beaches and it’s scenic beauty. Sometimes we take them for granted and only after it’s ruined or gone, do we realize our mistakes.

  2. Thanks for sharing a post about another wonderful place to visit when we want to relax. This is the first time l’m reading about beach resorts in Johor. I will Love to visit these places.

  3. Been to Rawa Island before and it is absolutely stunning. Will need to visit the rest of the beaches at Johor soon.

  4. Oh Johor is getting and more exciting for the summer! I wouldn’t get tired of this.. am excited to visit the place soon!

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