Making Kueh Sepit – Traditional Biscuit

kueh sepit
Akmal trying his hand at making kueh sepit

While in Mukah, Sarawak, we had the opportunity to stop by a small cottage bakery in Kg. Telian to see for ourselves how the traditional ‘kueh sepit’ is made.

kueh sepit
dough in the pan

‘Kueh Sepit’ is sort of like ‘love letters’ that the Chinese make for their New Year, except that instead of folded in a fan shape, ‘kuih sepit’ is rolled and then cut to size.

kueh sepit
rolling it

The dough is a combination of wheat flour, sago flour, sugar, coconut milk and eggs. The dough, after being beaten until fluffy, is spread on a special flat pan and put over a stove.

kueh sepit
cutting with a pair of scissors

Once the dough is cooked until brownish on both sides, use a pair of ‘chopsticks’ to roll it, and then cut it into sizes of about 5cm in length.

kueh sepit
kueh sepit

Yummy… just like ‘love letters’ as I mentioned, but presented in a different way.

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