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sago chimney Mukah Sarawak

The sago palms thrived in the peat soils of the Rajang Delta in the 19th century. Thus, local chieftains became wealthy from the labour of local farmers who extracted the starchy pith of tall palms manually. Subsequently, sago factories streamlined this process. In the early 20th century, the price of sago flour plunged, causing this factory ... continue reading »

kueh sepit

While in Mukah, Sarawak, we had the opportunity to stop by a small cottage bakery in Kg. Telian to see for ourselves how the traditional 'kueh sepit' is made. 'Kueh Sepit' is sort of like 'love letters' that the Chinese make for their New Year, except that instead of folded in a fan shape, 'kuih sepit' ... continue reading »

tebaloi Mukah Sarawak

The Melanau people (ethnic tribe) is closely associated with the sago palm. It was their staple food and the mainstay of their economy. Over time, it has developed into an industry. The Melanau people make full use of sago, including eating its worms. Tebaloi is a sago cracker of the Melanaus. We visited a small cottage ... continue reading »

Nibong Seafood Restaurant Mukah Sarawak

Had a sumptuous authentic Melanau (ethnic tribe) dinner at Nibong Seafood Restaurant, located along Jalan Orang Kaya Setia Raja, opposite the Civic Centre in town. This was where I had the opportunity to try out the sago worms; both fat, squiggly live worms and fried ones. To eat the worms, one must first remove the head ... continue reading »

Lamin Dana, Mukah, Sarawak

Oct 29, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Travel
Lamin Dana Mukah Sarawak

Lamin Dana is basically a cultural boutique lodge in the Melanau heartland of Mukah, Sarawak. The Melanau, who make up about 7% of the Sarawak population, is the oldest ethnic group found in Central Sarawak. The idea to preserve the tribe of Melanau and its culture and tradition came to its proprietress, Diana Rose, in 1999. Passionate ... continue reading »

Kingwood Resort Mukah Sarawak

Kingwood Resort is an unassuming 'beach resort' that looks more like a government block instead. Located in the middle of 'no where' along the main road, some 15 minutes' drive from Mukah town, there are no shops or amenities within walking distance. I have been told, the few resort guests here are mainly civil servants who are ... continue reading »

Sarawak Pepper

Oct 18, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Travel
Sarawak pepper

Pepper is a highly-traded commodity in Sarawak. The Malaysian Pepper Board in Sibu is the second largest in Sarawak, second after Kuching. Pepper, which was originally from India, underwent systematic planting in 1875 under Rajah Charles Brooke. The pepper here is now exported to New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Philippines, Japan, North America, and soon, Eastern Europe. Pepper, ... continue reading »

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