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Sago Factory Chimney, Mukah, Sarawak

The sago palms thrived in the peat soils of the Rajang Delta in the 19th century. Thus, local chieftains became wealthy from the labour of local farmers who extracted the starchy pith of tall palms manually. Subsequently, sago factories streamlined this process.

sago chimney Mukah Sarawak
Sago Factory Chimney

In the early 20th century, the price of sago flour plunged, causing this factory to close down. This chimney is located along Jalan Pasar in Mukah, just down the road from the wet market, is all that is left behind from those golden days. It is now a historical landmark of Mukah town.

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  1. Thomas, can you please let me know the sago factory in Kanthan. thank you so much
    From : Grace

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