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Puff Pastry 101

Puff Pastry 101

Puff pastry is intimidating.  Here’s breaking it down for you and celebrate the most delectable dough out there!

Puff Pastry 101

Puff pastry, in four instalments on video conference (schedule subject to change):

4th February:
Rolling out puff pastry. Come ready with your “détrempe!” so we can get rolling.

4th March:
Puff pastry principles reviewed – plus how to make Croissant Chips at home.

1st April:
Mystery recipe using Croissant Chips – to be determined.

6th May:
Helloooo, Mother’s Day idea! The workshop is about making Puits d’Amour. Come with your puff pastry dough, chilled and ready.

Date & time:
5th March, 2021 @ 8am – 9.30am (+08 UTC)

Register HERE.

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