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Pasar Karat Johor Bahru (JB Night Bazaar)

Johor Bahru night market
Laluan Kebudayaan Tan Hiok Nee

This night market in the centre of Johor Bahru, along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Jalan Sengget and spilled over to adjacent streets, is known locally as ‘pasar karat’ or flea market.

Johor Bahru night market
t-shirt stall

Johor Bahru night market
colourful bead accessories

I personally won’t consider it a flea market in the real sense of the word because many of the items sold here are new. However, there are also quite a number of preloved bags and clothes sold here too. Moreover, bundled clothes are a mixture of old and new.

Johor Bahru night market

Johor Bahru night market

I would liken it to be Johor’s very own Petaling Street. However, they may be similar, yet, they are different.

Johor Bahru night market
replica Harley Davidson stall

Johor Bahru night market
The Legend perfume corner

Open nightly from about 7pm, this night market is a popular shopping spot for locals as well as tourists as they shop for good deals.

Johor Bahru night market
3D art

Johor Bahru night market
street artist

Whether one would enjoy time here depends on what one looks for when it comes to shopping. Food is not sold here, though.

Johor Bahru night market
Oriental-style arch

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6 thoughts on “Pasar Karat Johor Bahru (JB Night Bazaar)

  1. Hello there, I’m looking for bundle shops in Johor. Do you know any bundle shops?

  2. Hi Emily,

    Nice and interesting blog about Pasar Karat Jalan Segget, Johor Bahru.

    There is a new Pasar Karat will be opening in the month of Oct 2017. Do visit and review it.

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