Ipoh Starwalk 2012

Ipoh Starwalk
all ready for the walk

For the 9th consecutive year, Star Publications (M) Bhd. brought us Ipoh Starwalk, and this year, it attracted the participation of some 15,500 people, of all ages, from all walks of life. It was the highest in the walk’s history. I was told that some late entrants had to be turned away, otherwise, the organisers would be overwhelmed with human logistics problems on the morning of Starwalk. It was, incidentally, Father’s Day.

Ipoh Starwalk
Can you count the number of heads?

Ipoh Starwalk
emcee K.T. Pillai interviews one of the oldest participants of Starwalk, 81-year-old Mdm. Wong, who is entered in the walk for the 9th year

My friend, emcee K.T. Pillai interviewed some of the participants; one of them who stood out was 81-year-old Madam Wong, who had participated in Ipoh Starwalk since its inception nine years ago. While Mdm. Wong has walked for nine years, K.T. Pillai has talked for the same number of years! Both were familiar faces at this Starwalk!

Ipoh Starwalk
flag-off by Perak Chief Minister, Y.B. Dato’ Seri DiRaja Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir

Ipoh Starwalk
Everything’s OK!

The walk had two categories; competition and a non-competition, covering 7km in total distance, taking walkers along some of the more interesting sights the city has to offer. The haze-free, rain-free morning weather was perfect for walkers to enjoy Ipoh.

Ipoh Starwalk
the number of participants was so huge, it took 20 minutes for everyone to cross the starting line

Ipoh Starwalk
Zambry receives a gift from Star Publications (M) Bhd group managing director and chief executive officer Ho Kay Tat

This year’s Ipoh Starwalk, which was organised in conjunction with Visit Perak Year 2012 and with the co-operation of Ipoh City Council, Perak Athletic Association (Persatuan Olahraga Perak) and Perak State Education Department, had three “ambassadors”, including G. Saravanan and V. Subramaniam, both former gold medallists in the Commonwealth Games.

Ipoh Starwalk
on the way to the finishing line

Ipoh Starwalk
Winner of Category MI - Satiaselan Mahalingam from Penang, was subsequently disqualified

Check out these random photos that I took. As for the official Ipoh Starwalk 2012 results, here you go… (source: The Star):

1. Mohd Shamrin Mohd Aris 50:57s
2. M. Srikanth 50:59s
3. Mior Muhammad Amerul 54:24s

Men’s Open:
1. Mohd Azizi Anwar 50:13s
2. M. Jayseelans 52:32s
3. Toon Thaw Chian 1:07:52s

Men’s Junior Veteran:
1. R. Subramaniam 57:38s
2. Lim Kok Cheong 58:20s
3. Yu Song 1:06:00s

Men’s Senior Veteran:
1. R. Nachappan 1:15:10s
2. K. Mahalingam 1:15:11s
3. Azmi Ahmad 1:15:25s

Men’s Diamond Veteran:
1. Wong Yew Tho 57:06s
2. Thomas Kok 58:22s
3. Hor Ah Siew 59:19s

Men’s International:
1. Edmund Sim 46:42s
2. Peter James Back 59:20s
3. Nasri Yahya 1:07:24s

1. S. Boothini 1:07:28s
2. N. Mashni 1:09:21s
3. K. Poovili 1:11:21s

Women’s Open:
1. Norliana Mohd Rusni 57:28s
2. Sin Pei Chan 1:07:09s
3. N. Vithiaa 1:09:55s

Women’s Veteran:
1. Serene Seah 1:04:09s
2. Cheah Been Tin 1:05:58s
3. Tham Pei Ling 1:12:12s

Women’s Senior Veteran:
1. K. Kamala Devi 1:04:45s
2. Kang Bee Looi 1:08:17s
3. Irene Yew Me 1:10:06s

Women’s International:
1. Song Gie Chee 57:39s
2. Chang Meei Lee 1:13:56s
3. Lim Phaik Siew 1:17:09s

Ipoh Starwalk
Winner of Category B - Azizi Anwar from Kelantan, with his coach

Event: Ipoh Starwalk 2012
Venue: Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh
Date: 17th June, 2012
Time: 7am

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