Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen, Singapore

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
1. welcome to Hoopla Coffee and Kitchen, Singapore

With the hippie name of Hoopla, which depicts a sense of buzz and celebration, founder-cum-owner Natalie Ang hopes to excite her customers with her menu and ambience.

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
2. Hoopla Coffee and Kitchen

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
3. old-school style

Celebrating its second anniversary this coming Feb 8, Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen, located on the ground floor of Infinite Studios, has certainly created quite an impression on café-hopping lovers.

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
4. magazine rack

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
5. the self-service counter

Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen is a short drive from Park Avenue Rochester, and is one of the more prominent cafés in the up-and-coming café scene between Rochester Park and Portsdown Road.

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
6. wall art by Sari Sartje

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
7. vintage corner

If I were to create a list of Top Ten Cafés in Singapore For Instagrammers, Hoopla would definitely be featured in it.

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
8. the set-up

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
9. behind the counter

With sections of its walls hand-drawn by Indonesian mural artist Sari Sartje, these certainly make interesting conversation pieces. Sari, who was especially flown in to Singapore, only required six hours to deliver her final product.

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
10. the décor

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
11. cosy corner

Natalie and her co-owner and partner, Tom, had a vision for Hoopla be a space for people to be inspired. I wouldn’t say I was as my visit was short, but I was refreshed.

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
12. table decoration

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
13. the menu

The menu of Hoopla is under the direction of Natalie. As a health-conscious person, she has made sure that all the ingredients used are fresh and of good quality. Additionally, anything that can be made, and not commercially processed, are done so by herself, backed by her team. Hoopla’s freshly baked bread comes to mind.

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
14. Cajun Chicken Sandwich - SGD9.50

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
15. mini version of Frank’s baked eggs

The water used here are double-filtered – it doesn’t mean just cleaner water but it controls the quality of the coffee as well. It’s interesting to note that the café has its own herb garden. Although it’s just a modest patch, Natalie hopes that one day, she can produce them as fast as she needs them in her kitchen.

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
16. Buttermilk Waffles - SGD4

Hoopla Coffee Kitchen Singapore
17. herb garden

To get to Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen, take the MRT to one-north MRT Station (Exit B), then take a free shuttle bus to Infinite Studios. This shuttle service is available on weekdays only at 20-minute intervals. You can also take the MRT to Buona Vista MRT Station, then hop onto Bus 191.

Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen
Add: 21, Media Circle, #01-05, Infinite Studios, Singapore 138562.
Web: www.hoopla.sg
Email: celebrate@hoopla.sg
Tel: 6778 0051
Business hours: 9am – 6pm daily

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  1. COOL! I’ve always wanted to go to Cafe’s in Singapore, but never knew where to find one. I’ll keep this one in mind 🙂 Thank you!

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