Café Colbar (Colbar Eating House), Singapore

Colbar Eating House
1. 9A, Whitchurch Road

Colbar in short, for Colonial Bar, but also known as Café Colbar and Colbar Eating House, seems to be very popular in Singapore. It came highly recommended by my friend, Malcolm, who told me it is a “rustic, colonial eatery”.

Colbar Eating House
2. Café Colbar

Colbar Eating House
3. queue at the counter during lunch hour

Upon our arrival, I asked him, “Where is the colonial building?” In my mind, I had envisioned something along the lines of the Ipoh Town Hall building. Maybe not as majestic, but close.

Colbar Eating House
4. used books

Colbar Eating House
5. old photos

I guess a Singaporean’s perception is really different from a Malaysian’s, especially one who is from a small town. Well, Ipoh is a city but compared to Singapore, it is small. I’m sure you get my meaning.

Colbar Eating House
6. old-school setting

Colbar Eating House
7. shelves of trophies

Anyway, I chatted with a local who was having his lunch there. I asked him if there is any other place in Singapore with this setting, and he answered, “No.” I said, “Come to Perak, we have plenty of such shops in smaller towns like Sungkai, Bidor and Tapah, just to name a few.”

Colbar Eating House
8. wooden structure

Colbar Eating House
9. Colbar signage

He was impressed and said, “Wow, you all really know how to preserve your buildings, eh?” But I was like, “There was no preservation required! They never progressed!”

Colbar Eating House
10. dining area

Colbar Eating House
11. lime juice

The shop that is now Colbar was actually once the canteen of the old British army camp back in 1953, but it is well-maintained and has retained its rustic charm.

Colbar Eating House
12. fried rice

Colbar Eating House
13. fish & chips

This is also one of the cafés that has mushroomed in the area between Rochester Park and Portsdown Road, so it is just a short drive from Park Avenue Rochester. Take the MRT to Buona Vista MRT Station, then hop onto Bus 191.

Café Colbar / Colbar Eating House
Add: 9A Whitchurch Road, Singapore 138839
Tel: +65 6779 4859

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Tues – Sun)

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18 thoughts on “Café Colbar (Colbar Eating House), Singapore

  1. This cafe is really different from those we have been. I mean having a very casual and cosy ambience in the air-conditioned room. But this, is more like kedai kopi kind of cafe. =\

  2. Nice to see something like this in Singapore ‘coz like everything there is so developed and modern nowadays. So seeing a rustic place like this preserved is pretty cool.

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