Hentian Puduraya

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Strangely, that Friday morning when I was there was rather quiet, as can be seen from these photos. I walked from one end of Hentian Puduraya to the other; I felt there should be more signboards as the place is huge and could be quite confusing though the staff is very helpful. I just had to ask. The flooring is pretty slippery too and I can just imagine that it would be worse when wet, so be careful.

bus information panels
one of the bus arrival/departure information panels

The ground floor is where you will find waiting areas, a police booth, convenience stores and washrooms. A visit to the washroom is 30 sen while a pack of pocket tissue is 50 sen. Not bad. The first floor are the ticketing booths counters for buses and taxis while the second floor is parking. The top floor is the food court.

Puduraya food court
food court

When I visited the food court, most of the stalls have yet to open for business for the day. As soon as I stepped out of the elevator, I was approached by stall holders who were open. Wow, business must be slow.

going down to the platform
going down to the platform

To board a bus, one has to go down to the platform from the waiting area. Hentian Puduraya may be modern and all but my one gripe is that bus passengers are still required to disembark by the roadside. Sigh, I thought there would be a change for the better. Can you imagine how inconvenient it is if it rains?

express buses
express buses

Overall, it is a huge improvement from the old Puduraya Terminal. No more ticketing touts, no more pickpockets, no more general chaos that was the norm at the old Puduraya. Even a single female traveller like myself feels safer now.

an exit to Chinatown

Hentian Puduraya
Puduraya Express Bus Terminal (for North-bound buses)
Address: Jalan Pudu, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
GPS Coordinates: N 03 08.739′ E 101 42.054′

ETA: 27th August, 2011 – In line with these upgraded facilities, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today renamed Hentian Puduraya to Pudu Sentral (NOT Pudu Central)

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