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Happy Deepavali {Diwali}

I bumped into a friend a couple of evenings ago. Since leaving school, we bumped into each other twice only and each time, she was the one who called me first because I couldn’t recognise her too well. This time, she is pregnant and her face is a little bloated, that’s why. Anyway, I am surprised that she could recognise me because I swear that I have changed quite a bit myself since leaving school.

It’s surprising that even though we are both in Ipoh, through the years since leaving high school, we have only came across each other twice but every time I see her, I remember the fun times we had in primary school.

When we were in Primary 6, we used to run our own beauty pageants and this friend would always be Miss Venezuela while I was Miss Greenland. I don’t even know why I chose Greenland as my country but hey, I love to be different. 😀 I remember winning one of these pageants as Miss Greenland and I was even given a tiara but I don’t know where it is now. It has been years.

Every time I see my old friends, or read about them, I feel nostalgic. It’s a pity that we could no longer be like the old times. The only thing constant in life is change. We did not even have much to say but I took the opportunity to wish her Happy Deepavali because the next time I see her could be years later or maybe not at all. And it is strange because of the fact that we are both still in Ipoh.

Over the years, I do sometimes bump into people I went to school with at the mall or somewhere in town. I pretend not to recognise them if they do not call me first. I feel like I am no longer a part of their lives because we now have different priorities pursuing different things in life. Maybe when we are older, I would feel the need to cling on to my old friends and their memories. Or maybe I would feel like that part of my life no longer exists.
With love

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