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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Feb 28, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personal, Photos - iPhone

I finally got a haircut last evening. How long I have procrastinated, while my hair became longer and longer until I was fed up with long hair! This photo was not able to really show the volume of hair that was "chopped off" because everything’s BLACK. My head feels so much lighter 😀 Anyway, I ... continue reading »

MYR249 Hairdo

Oct 3, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personal
With love

I met a girl and to make small talk, asked her how much she spent on her new hairdo and she told me MYR249 including trimming, shampoo, treatment and colouring. That shocked me because I would never spend that obscene amount on a hairdo because even if we spent a million dollars on it, it ... continue reading »

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