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People who know me in real life are aware that I keep long hair down to my butt. I get enquired a lot why I don’t get a haircut, or how do I manage such long hair in our unrelenting tropical heat. When I tell them that I just can’t find the time to slot in a haircut in my packed schedule, they look at my incredulously.

Well, I finally found the time to do so recently when I was in Kuala Lumpur. Yes, I know that it is more expensive to cut my hair in KL compared to Ipoh but that was the only time I had nothing better to do than to visit a salon, even though it was a hassle to take my cut hair home to Ipoh.

17 inches of hair
17 inches of hair

You see, I had wanted to donate my hair to this association, Locks of Hope, since learning about it from a friend’s wife, who sent in her hair to be made into a wig. I think it is a positive thing to do, rather than just sweep the hair away into the dustbin when it could benefit someone else, especially a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy.

to be sent off to Locks of Hope Association
to be sent off to Locks of Hope Association

Before you get me wrong, this is not a post about boasting the “good” deed that I am doing but to help create an awareness about the existence of Locks of Hope and how we can contribute to its cause, with hair or cash, or even both.

For further information such as address, phone number, bank account number as well as terms and procedure of hair donation, check this official Facebook: Locks of Hope Association.

Thanks for reading and may we help bring a smile to others every day!

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With love

12 thoughts on “My Lock of Hope

  1. Thats really sweet of you Emily. At least youre giving a reason to cut your hair + low maintenance. hehe

  2. I just know there is a place that we can donate our hair ! And in same time we can give to other who are really in need. salute to you emily !

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