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French Hotel, Ipoh

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I have recommended French Hotel to quite a number of friends, especially those who do not have their own transport while visiting Ipoh. They always asked me if I have photos to show. Yes, today I have.

Ipoh Hotels
French Hotel

The new non-smoking French Hotel was officially launched on 1st Jan, 2012, the same day Kinta Riverfront Hotel held its soft launch. French Hotel is an “old” brand in Ipoh, since the 1970s. The new owners of French Hotel, who acquired this property in the late 2000s, are from Ipoh. They gave the building an extensive refurbishment, but decided to stick with the brand name.

French Hotel
launched by Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Roshidi on 1st Jan 2012

With a Western name, it is no wonder that this hotel is a top choice for many Caucasians. The hotel caters to them well, especially with those 7 feet wide “extra king” beds.

French Hotel

As I have always said, choosing a hotel depends on the purpose of your visit to Ipoh. French Hotel is a city hotel. So, expect plenty of food outlets and retail stores within walking distance. Those who do not drive would love the convenience of buses and taxis that ply this street.


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6 thoughts on “French Hotel, Ipoh

  1. Nice interior with strategic location! Easy for me to hunt food around~ yum yum ~I’ll visit French Hotel during my next trip to Ipoh~~

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