Pressed Flower Art @ Laman Kraf Tani

Laman Kraf Tani
teaching pressed flower art

Laman Kraf Tani means Craft Garden. It’s located in Kampung Sungai Lang Tengah, Kuala Langat, Selangor. It was one of our stops while we were on a quest to discover local arts and crafts during our tour of Selangor.

Laman Kraf Tani
framed pressed flower art

Laman Kraf Tani
pressed flower bookmarks

Laman Kraf Tani was incepted on 9th September, 1999 by the owner, Esiah. This auspicious day was chosen because she believed in the power and longevity of the digit nine. Thirteen years on, it is still going strong.

Laman Kraf Tani
my pressed flower art

Laman Kraf Tani
passion fruit tree

This Craft Garden is where Kak Esiah produces her popular pressed flower art. They are sold locally and also overseas. Kak Esiah not only is an expert in the art, she could also read a person’s character and “secrets” just by looking at a pressed flower art that a person has created, or chosen from a collection of her own art. Her accuracy is pretty creepy!

Laman Kraf Tani
rose bush

Laman Kraf Tani
red flowers

Since this is a “garden”, her village home is surrounded by lush greenery of blossoming flowers and blooming fruit trees. We were served passion fruit juice from fruits of her own garden. How about going back to basics? Being city folks, the fresh air was a refreshing change!

Laman Kraf Tani
star fruit tree

Laman Kraf Tani
gigantic fan from tree leaves

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