Esoteric Zone @ Ipoh

Tashi Delek
hand-painted thangka

Esoteric Zone is a retail shop owned by the same owners of Tashi Delek Collections, that focuses on Tibetan Buddhism ritual items like Tibetan handcrafts, incense, thangkas, dzi beads, butter lamps and Buddha statues. The store occupies the upper floor of Tashi Delek Collections.

Tashi Delek
small thangkas

Tashi Delek
items for the altar

I may not be well-versed with Tibetan culture and tradition or Tibetan Buddhism, yet I was still curious about the items displayed by Esoteric Zone. It’s not the first time I noticed that Tibetans are rather bold in their choice of colours.

Tashi Delek
beads and other accessories

Tashi Delek
turning wheels

Items sold at Esoteric Zone are mostly from monasteries and temples, which means that 100% of the selling price would be returned to source. Other products sold by Esoteric Zone themselves are also channelled to various charitable bodies, similar to the profits generated from Tashi Delek Collections.

Tashi Delek

Tashi Delek
statues of Lord Yellow Zambala (L) & Guru Rinpoche (R)

Also, just like the merchandise sold in Tashi Delek Collections, many items sold here at Esoteric Zone are also custom handmade. An untrained eye may not be able to tell the difference, so get assistance from the sales personnel to make sure you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Tashi Delek
various other items

Tashi Delek
various Tibetan pendants

As far as I am aware, Tashi Delek Collections and Esoteric Zone are the only retail stores in Ipoh selling Tibetan cultural and religious goods.

Tashi Delek
wall turning wheel

Tashi Delek
every item has a sticker stating where the profit would go to

Check out my photos. One doesn’t need to be a Tibetan Buddhist to respect and admire the elaborate designs and patterns that the Tibetans come up with!

Tashi Delek
Tibetan stools

Tashi Delek
Tibetan lamp

Esoteric Zone (inside Tashi Delek Collections)
Add: 35, Jalan Yang Kalsom, 30250 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05-2533699
Business hours: 9.30am – 6pm daily

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Chong, I’m looking for a four arm Chenrizig statue (Avalokitesvara boddhisatva ). Do you stock anything like that?
    Please kindly reply me TQ.


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