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Earth Hour Fine Dining @ The Limestone’s Restaurant Ipoh

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The Limestone’s Fine Dining Restaurant
French baguette with herbs butter

How did you observe Earth Hour 2012? Earth Hour, organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is observed worldwide annually on the last Saturday of March since 2007 to raise awareness about climate change. All non-essential lights are switched off for one hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

The Limestone’s Fine Dining Restaurant
fresh tiger prawns salad with avocado cream sauce Palermo-style

I spent Earth Hour 2012 on 31st March fine dining the European way at one of Ipoh’s popular restaurants, The Limestone’s Fine Dining Restaurant, located on the ground floor of Regalodge Hotel Ipoh. Since its grand opening on 3rd October, 2011, this was my first visit, so had to make it extra memorable, you see?

The Limestone’s Fine Dining Restaurant
spicy fish soup with black pepper Portuguese-style

The Limestone’s offers a special menu every month, but as we do not take red meat or liquor, we did not go for their course menu, instead ordered a mixture of dishes, including some from their à la carte menu. This post shows photos of our 2-person meal that night. Food porn, yeah!!


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12 thoughts on “Earth Hour Fine Dining @ The Limestone’s Restaurant Ipoh

  1. Which meal is the most delicious? can u introduce me? i will visit this restaurant next week~ thanks 😀

  2. hmn.. it looks like ‘French whole lobster’ very tasty.. btw, the price is acceptable with those fantastic meals~

  3. Hi Emily, can u write more posts about this? i would like to explore nice food in Ipoh ^.^

  4. This place environment is very nice. I tried their breakfast with my parent before at The Limestone’s Dining Place. Their meal is good. Thumb up!!!

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