Earth Hour Fine Dining @ The Limestone’s Restaurant Ipoh

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The Limestone’s Fine Dining Restaurant
French whole lobster topped with Hollandaise sauce

Monthly Lunch Specialties For April 2012
Ham & Bacon Rolls
Grilled turkey ham, beef bacon, beef salami and seasonings rolled up and baked

Creamy Mushroom Toast
Creamy sauteed mushrooms on toast with melted cheese and alfredo cream sauce

Italian Green Salad with Grass Noodles
Mixed of greens, avocado cubes and grass noodles with Italian dressing

Shepherd’s Lamb Pie
em>Classic baked lamb pie lined with mashed potato and a mashed potato crust on top

Grilled Lemongrass Pineapple Salmon
Grilled salmon with special lemongrass pineapple sauce. Served with vinaigrette salad

English’s Mutton Stew (alcohol)
Stew mutton added red wine with selection of vegetable and spaetzle, served with soft bun

Half Canadian Lobster Thermidor
1/2 lobster baked, served with potato scramble, alfredo cream sauce, shredded mozzarella. Finished with parmesan

The Limestone’s Fine Dining Restaurant
Spanish paella (one of Chef's specialties)

Monthly 3-Course Dinner Menu for April 2012
Seafood Ravioli
Seafood rivioli with vegetables, topped with clear seafood soup

3 Season Pan-Fried Chicken
Southern pan fry chicken on potato rösti with 3 sauces. Served with aubergine & risotto

Tulumbe with Vanilla Ice Cream
Balkan tulumbe, baked homemade dough served with ice cream and fruits

The Limestone’s Fine Dining Restaurant
mango flambé crepe

Monthly 4-Course Dinner Menu for April 2012
Escargots à la Bourguignonne
Burgundy traditional baked escargot with garlic parsley butter. Served with onion baguette

Prawn Soup with Pesto
Light creamy prawn soup with peas, enriched with pesto and saffron

Pan-seared Foie Gras
Pan-seared whole duck liver. Served on green pea mashed, with vegetable and soft bun

Bombe Alaska
Homemade parfait ice cream placed with sponge cake topped with meringue

*Do notify staff if you have any allergic intolerance.


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12 thoughts on “Earth Hour Fine Dining @ The Limestone’s Restaurant Ipoh

  1. Which meal is the most delicious? can u introduce me? i will visit this restaurant next week~ thanks 😀

  2. hmn.. it looks like ‘French whole lobster’ very tasty.. btw, the price is acceptable with those fantastic meals~

  3. Hi Emily, can u write more posts about this? i would like to explore nice food in Ipoh ^.^

  4. This place environment is very nice. I tried their breakfast with my parent before at The Limestone’s Dining Place. Their meal is good. Thumb up!!!

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