Dengue Cases On the Rise

A friend told me that his condominium block in the Klang Valley registered the third dengue case in three weeks. What does it mean? Dengue season is back. It’s not enough that we keep ourselves safely protected from contracting the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) by staying at home.

With the return of dengue season, even staying at home is not safe. Perhaps, with the amount of time we spend at home, we can be more vigilant that we are not breeding Aedes mosquitoes. We don’t want our house to be Aedes mosquito breeding grounds and put our neighbourhood in danger, do we?

As of 2nd May, 2020, Perak has recorded an 11% increase in dengue cases with 1,351 patients, compared to 1,214 cases during the same period last year. Recording the highest number with 776 cases in Kinta district, followed by Batang Padang with 126, and 96 cases in the district of Larut, Matang and Selama.

fogging in progress

For Ipoh, there are 606 positive cases until 9th May, 2020, compared to 691 cases in the entire 2019. In view of this spike, the Ipoh City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) takes dengue virus seriously. The motto that has been adopted is ‘Dengue is Everyone’s Business’ (Denggi Adalah Urusan Semua Orang), which means that it is every Ipoh resident’s responsibility and cooperation to keep our space clean and free from Aedes mosquitoes.

In this visual, we can see where Aedes can breed. Just spend ten minutes every week to check our surroundings to make sure that there is no stagnant water. Even water as shallow as the thickness of a coin can breed these deadly mossies.

Let’s do our part for our fellow neighbours. Kita jaga kita also applies here. Let’s help fight dengue.

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