Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo in conversation with Mr. Patrick Teoh

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
Patrick Teoh introduces the most globally known Malaysian, Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo

It was indeed an event not to be missed when Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo shared the stage with Mr. Patrick Teoh. Jimmy is probably the most globally known Malaysian with his name heard far and wide especially among fashionistas while Patrick is the household name and golden voice of Malaysia.

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
Patrick Teoh chit chats with Jimmy Choo

The talk, organised by Perak Academy and held at Ipoh’s newest “hotel” Symphony Suites, took two years to realise due to Jimmy’s tight schedule. Tickets were going at RM50 per pax inclusive of dinner, and even so, they were seriously limited.

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
my favourite shot of the evening: sharing a light moment

Jimmy’s stylish designer shoes presently adorn the feet of the Who’s Who of the world; women, and now men and children too. It is believed that “Jimmy Choo” shoes are the most expensive currently, and in fact, the pair of custom-made Crocodile shoes that he wore last evening carry a price tag of RM38,000!

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
guests paying rapt attention

During the hour-long conversation, which was light-hearted and humorous all the way, courtesy of Patrick, Jimmy shared with the audience anecdotes of growing up in Penang, and how he was practically born into the industry of shoe-making.

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
Dato’ Lee Hau Hian, on behalf of Perak Academy, presents a souvenir to Patrick Teoh

Jimmy, who thought that his 2-year diploma qualification in shoe-making from a college in the United Kingdom would help him in his career and business in Malaysia, later decided to remain in England to set up his shoe crafting business. In an old hospital building in Hackney, North London, to be precise.

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
Mr Lee Chee Ming, on behalf of Symphony Suites, presents a souvenir to Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo

Last evening, Jimmy also shared with us the ingredients for success, which include hard work, perseverance, keeping to promises made, and of course, a vision and its implementation. It was also important to have the backing of the media and sufficient funding. I would like to add, timing and luck are also essential factors.

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
Jimmy Choo takes a group photo with some VIPs of the evening

With Jimmy’s current standing in society, he has aspirations for Malaysians to achieve a better skill standard by bringing home designers from overseas, Malaysians or otherwise, to collaborate with locals.

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
Jimmy Choo is always surrounded by pretty ladies wherever he goes

This exchange of ideas, and even transfer of expertise, will eventually raise the level of craftsmanship in the country, and hopefully, many more Malaysians will achieve the degree of global recognition that Jimmy himself enjoys now.

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
Jimmy Choo signs an autograph for Pn. Halida Ali

Even with the many accolades that Jimmy has received worldwide, Jimmy paid tribute to his father for the solid foundation that was given, without which he acknowledged there would not be the Jimmy Choo that we know today. How humble.

Jimmy Choo Patrick Teoh
my programme booklet autographed by both Jimmy Choo and Patrick Teoh

“Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo in conversation with Mr. Patrick Teoh” was definitely worth waiting for. If you have missed it, I have video snippets to share with you. Enjoy.

Video (below): How Jimmy Choo Sustains His Brand Name

Video (below): Importance of Learning A Skill and The Ingredients For Success

Event: Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo in conversation with Mr. Patrick Teoh
Venue: Symphony Suites, Ipoh
Date: 19th July, 2013
Time: 8pm – 10.30pm

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  1. It was indeed a rare occasion to have two distinguished personalities having a conversation at a pit-stop in Ipoh.

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