Introducing Ipoh Authors

Ipoh authors
1. Introducing Ipoh authors: Dr. Teoh Soong Kee (L), Bridget Eu Yoke Lin (m), Alexandra Wong (2nd from right) and Jasemin Sibo (R) with special guest, Datuk Lat.

In a simple yet meaningful event organised by the Perak Academy, four Ipoh authors were introduced to the public through a short sharing session.

Ipoh authors
2. Andrew Ong, a person featured in Alexandra Wong’s Made In Malaysia, singing two Bee Gees evergreen hits

The authors, Dr Teoh Soong Kee (Cell Wars); Jasemin Sibo (Epiphany!); Bridget Eu Yoke Lin (When Footsteps Merge) and Alexandra Wong (Made In Malaysia) respectively spoke about the “story” behind their publication.

Ipoh authors
3. Dr Teoh Soong Kee shares a few paragraphs from his book, Cell Wars

Although these books had been launched last year, perhaps there are some book lovers who have not heard of them, or the authors yet.

Ipoh authors
4. Jasemin Sibo says it is important to believe in one’s ability and to grab whatever chances that may come by

Except for Dr. S.K. Teoh, whose debut book on poems titled Young Emotion (2013), Epiphany!; When Footsteps Merge and Made In Malaysia are the first attempts by the other three authors. Meanwhile, Jasemin Sibo has recently published her second book, Zhu 珠 Pearl: Daughters of War, and Bridget has a new book of poetry in the pipeline, scheduled to be released later this year.

Ipoh authors
5. Bridget Eu Yoke Lin’s When Footsteps Merge is an emotion-filled book of poetry

Coming from different backgrounds, where Alexandra was a corporate ladder climber, Bridget was in nursing, Jasemin in banking and Dr. Teoh in medicine, these books are certainly very diverse.

Ipoh authors
6. Mrs. Ho (L) was author Alexandra Wong’s English tutor, and is one of the personalities immortalised in the book

The event was also an opportunity to purchase these books at a special price, in conjunction with Mother’s Day, which is celebrated today, the second Sunday of May.

Ipoh authors
7. one of the guests-of-honour, Datuk Lat, launches the event

Those who have missed the chance to grab a copy may do so via reputable online bookstores or just contact Perak Academy at +605-2413742 or email to

Ipoh authors
8. check out these books by Ipoh authors

Event: Introducing Ipoh Authors
Venue: Kong Heng Square, Ipoh
Date: 9th May, 2015
Time: 3pm

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    Pity I didn’t get a chance to speak to you in person. Hope to meet – and thank you personally – at some other Ipoh event 🙂

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