Clown Balloon Sculptures

Has the novelty of balloon sculptures worn off yet? They are becoming increasingly common, aren’t they? The balloon sculpture demo and class in Kinta City may have ended, but the one in Ipoh Parade is still going strong. I am uncertain if they are by the same or different company. Hhmmm

I don’t remember when I was in Ipoh Parade previously. This time, Beauty Balloon has erected this giant clown balloon sculpture to advertise their services and courses. I understand that one course is about MYR150 but I don’t have the finer details like duration or if balloons are provided.

While I was taking pictures of these balloon sculptures, quite a few female shoppers were busy taking photos WITH these clowns. Business looked brisk too and parents had to buy one for each child. Pity.

Besides clown balloon sculptures, there were also many other designs like the common heart shaped ones and this not so common Donald Duck. Even though I think balloon sculptures are cute (did you notice the clown’s hair?), I would not pay MRY150 to learn. I guess I am just extremely lazy!

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  1. hi,

    i’d like to know more abt your balloon services n do u provide clown as well..

    pls let me know the details n payment


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