I think it’s high time to change my mobile device already. How long have I been using this Nokia E61i? Almost two years, I think. Besides, it definitely is too masculine for my liking.

The recent range of LG phones have caught my eye, particularly KF350 or more popularly known as LG Ice Cream. It’s a flip phone and comes in three pastel colours: white for vanilla, sweet blue for pistachio and sweet pink for strawberry flavour. Naturally, I would like to have LG Strawberry Ice Cream since pink is one of my favourite colours!

However, no matter how much I would like to own this, no matter how many times I have watched their advertisements, no matter how Korean dramas are used to brainwash viewers with LG phones used by Korean actors and actresses, I am not going to buy it because LG still struggles with quality issues based on experiences of friends.

I recently participated in a contest that is giving away LG mobile devices. I don’t want the top prize of LG Renoir nor do I want LG Cookie. I just want LG Ice Cream!
With love

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