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LG Ice Cream KF350

I think it’s high time to change my mobile device already. How long have I been using this Nokia E61i? Almost two years, I think. Besides, it definitely is too masculine for my liking.

The recent range of LG phones have caught my eye, particularly KF350 or more popularly known as LG Ice Cream. It’s a flip phone and comes in three pastel colours: white for vanilla, sweet blue for pistachio and sweet pink for strawberry flavour. Naturally, I would like to have LG Strawberry Ice Cream since pink is one of my favourite colours!

However, no matter how much I would like to own this, no matter how many times I have watched their advertisements, no matter how Korean dramas are used to brainwash viewers with LG phones used by Korean actors and actresses, I am not going to buy it because LG still struggles with quality issues based on experiences of friends.

I recently participated in a contest that is giving away LG mobile devices. I don’t want the top prize of LG Renoir nor do I want LG Cookie. I just want LG Ice Cream!
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2 thoughts on “LG Ice Cream KF350

  1. Good! I am glad to know that you decided not to buy it with good reasons. I too saw the display models at Baskin Robbins. The overall feel of the phone was kind of cheap and plasticky. The buttons were huge which reminded me of toy phones.

    My girlfriend was going apeshit about wanting this phone too. Glad you wrote about it. What happened to your iPhone? or was it an iPod?

    pneoxian´s last blog post…Tuts My Barreh! (Touch My Body)

  2. Noel,

    My iPhone is still going strong. I use it mainly to take photos and as a back up phone since I only have one mobile line. I can’t use it as my main phone because it’s just iPhone 2G.

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