Kinta City is currently having a Christmas Castle Maze for children in conjunction with the year end school holidays and Christmas.

Even though these balloon sculptures are for the kids’ entertainment, adults are also just as captivated by the way these balloons shaped the castle, snowmen, Santa Claus, reindeers, Christmas trees and other decorations.

Of course I took the opportunity to shoot some photos and I am glad to say that they turned out pretty well as you could see from this series of photos. My previous post on balloon sculptures received warm response from readers, so of course I am not going to let this chance slip away. In fact, I have photos of Mickey Mouse balloon sculptures but have yet to find time to put my thoughts in words.

I wonder if this Christmas Castle Maze is only available here in Kinta City, Ipoh, or if you could also find it elsewhere, like Tebrau City, for example. I HOPE that the management would be a little more creative and not bring us the same events in every venue and at the same time too!

Oh yes, I had to take these photos from the outside of the maze as only shoppers who had proof of receipts for minimum purchase of RM50 or so and registered for the event are allowed entry. Pretty as this is, I wouldn’t be so naive as to make purchases just to qualify entrance.

If you are in Ipoh, I think it’s a great opportunity to take your young kids there and take some photos. I particularly like Santa Claus, the snowmen and candy decorations on the huge Christmas tree.

Better hurry; this is just a short event and will conclude in a day or two. I can’t remember exactly when, though.
With love

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