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Official England FA Merchandise – School Bag

I saw a school bag in Tesco that is supposed to be an official England FA merchandise. I took a picture of the front, which was printed with a picture of four England team footballers.

L – R: David Beckham, Michael Owen, Michael Carrick, Wayne Rooney

I came home to check the website of SWAN, the school bag manufacturer, who manufactured this bag but I could not find this bag in their range of products. And neither could I find such a school bag in the online store of England FA that sells a variety of official England FA merchandise.

Anyway, I showed this photo to a friend and she asked me who these people are. She said they are New Kids On The Block. Hahaha she is worse than me. I could at least identify two out of four people: David Beckham and Michael Owen but she…NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!! ROTFL
With love

4 thoughts on “Official England FA Merchandise – School Bag

  1. Hehe, I hate to be bias, but too much man utd on that case. Becks = old man utd, Rooney, Carrick = current man utd, Owen = a traitor to my beloved Liverpool 😀

    Only joking, my kid would love this, like every kid he has a thing for Beckham, god knows why.

  2. Hi James,

    Thanks for your input. I *used* to idolise Beckham but no longer.

    He’s older hence, not as good looking as he used to be, and his voice is whiny LOL

    No wonder people say that nobody’s perfect!

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