Basic Skills of Community Interpreting

Basic Skills of Community Interpreting

Learn the basic rules and skills of interpreting in public service settings, such as healthcare, immigration, police, court, welfare, etc.

Basic Skills of Community Interpreting

Community interpreting is an umbrella term to cover interpreting in such public service settings as healthcare (hospitals, doctors’ appointments), legal (police and court), immigration (refugee centres) welfare, and so on.

Working in these settings demands a high level of professionalism from an interpreter due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the communication, and specific terminology involved.

In this introductory webinar on Community Interpreting Skills, the host will discuss the basic rules, principles and skills that would help you to carry out a community interpreting session to your best ability.

The following aspects will be covered:

Community interpreting settings, including over-the-phone interpreting (particularly relevant nowadays)
Ethical and professional principles of community interpreting
How to prepare for interpreting sessions
Dos and Dont’s during the session
Developing your community interpreting skills and career

This webinar is aimed at beginner interpreters, and at those who often find themselves in a position of an ‘unofficial’ community interpreter when they are called to help a friend, neighbour or relative to communicate with various authorities.

Date & time: 2 Sept, 2021 (5pm – 6pm UTC+8)
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