Animal Rescue Mission Society (ARMS)

ARMS is a registered non-profit organisation based in Ipoh with a temporary shelter in Lahat. The organisation rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes stray, abandoned and abused domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

Animal Rescue Mission Society
safe in Daniya’s ARMS

I bumped into Daniya recently, when she was busy trying to get people to adopt her puppies. I actually knew Daniya when she was with her previous employer, but now she has gone all out and devoted her time and money picking up dogs (mainly) from the streets in Ipoh.

According to her, she has some 80 dogs now, and is currently raising funds to build large kennels for her dogs on a piece of land in Gopeng so that they could roam freely.

Animal Rescue Mission Society (ARMS)
Pertubuhan Penyelamat, Pemulihan dan Perlindungan Haiwan Perak
Tel: 012-9699194 (Daniya – Founder / President)

Update: 2nd April, 2014 – THIS SHELTER HAS CLOSED.

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4 thoughts on “Animal Rescue Mission Society (ARMS)

  1. i Need a help as soon as possible. yesterday morning, got 1 female dogs give birth in front of my house. i can’t keep that dogs coz i am muslim. she still there n i just help to give her a water. but i can’t keep. does somebody from here come n collect them all as soon as possible.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am in urgent need of help for an abandoned puppy. I tried putting her in my house in First Garden but my two dogs goes snarling at her. I am worried about her safety as she is always in the middle of the road. I was feeding her since this morning. She is so friendly and loving girl.

    Can someone come and take her to a safe place. I dont mind giving some money for her pick up and perhaps later once I get a job I can sponsor some income for well being. I need help as soon as possible. Please feel free to call me at 010 3961322

    Thank you

  3. Why HP 0129699194 of Daniya no longer in service?
    I need help to catch an abandoned dog in my house area to vet for spaying.
    I would pay all the cost to vet. Just I need your service to catch dog. She is scares of human. Do let me know if could help to catch the dog. I willing to pay for your services

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