Up to 70% Discount on JPJ Traffic Compounds this Month

Are you an OKS? That’s Orang kena Saman in JPJ-speak, and not Orang Kurang Siuman as you first thought!

discount on JPJ compounds
discount on JPJ compounds this August

Today, we bring great news to OKS because the Road Transport Department (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia – JPJ) is offering a generous discount of up to 70% on compounds. Terms & conditions apply.

JPJ compound discount rate
JPJ compound discount rate

This rebate is only valid in the month of August, perhaps as a Merdeka celebration. Whatever it is, don’t miss this chance to save.

who qualifies for JPJ discounts
who qualifies for JPJ discounts

How do we go about it? First of all, check if you have any outstanding compound via www.jpj.gov.my. If any, it can be settled at JPJ counters, including mobile counters and kiosks at Urban Transformation Centres (UTCs).

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