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Typographics 2021 TypeLab

Typographics 2021 TypeLab

Due to the very long hours of this event and the limited number of people who can enter the Zoom meetings at any given time, registering for this event doesn’t always guarantee entry at all moments of the day. If you find you aren’t able to join, please watch via Livestream and try again later.

By registering for the Zoom meetings you agree to partipate in the 2021 Typographics TypeLab. TypeLab is hosted from 3 locations with 3 sets of hosts, TypeLab Americas, TypeLab Europe and TypeLab India.

Typographics 2021 TypeLab

Links to join TypeLab Americas and TypeLab Europe will be sent to registered attendees on Wednesday, June 16 for June 17, on June 17 for June 18, and on June 18 for June 19. TypeLab India’s Zoom meetings will only be watchable by Livestream. Only presenters and their guests will be invited into Zoom calls hosted by the India host. The links to the Livestream will be sent to you daily and will also be found easily close to the start of the day on the TypeLab page of 2021.typographics.com.

TypeLab will be livestreamed so when you join the Zoom meeting, your image, your voice and your work may appear in the Livestream and the archive of the Livestream. That recording may be replayed during the 3 days of TypeLab, but will not be a listed recording after TypeLab is over. The Livestream of TypeLab will not be available to watch when the event is over, for any reason.

Independent recording of this event is disallowed. Please respect that you do not have the permission of Typographics Festival organisers or any of the presenters to record the sessions.

By registering for this event, you agree to be recorded by the YouTube Livestream.

Should it be necessary to update the Zoom meeting link, you will receive a new email via Eventbrite. Only the Americas and the Europe hosts will allow large groups to join.

During workshops you may be asked to leave the call for a while if you are not registered for that workshop to allow the participants and instructor to see each other and work more closely. You’ll be able to watch on Livestream or join a parallel track while the workshops are in session. You can rejoin the meeting when the workshop is over.

The TypeLab hosts will admit and remove participants at their own discretion. Respectful engagement is expected at all times from participants. There will be zero tolerance for harassment or uncivil behaviour. Likewise the Zoom and YouTube chats will be moderated and comments will be deleted at the discretion of the hosting teams.

TypeLab presenters express their own opinions and do not represent the opinions of The Cooper Union or any of the hosts or their companies. If you are aware of abusive speech or behaviour within the Zoom meetings or on the YouTube chat/comments, please contact the TypeLab hosts directly or Cara Di Edwardo at cara@cooper.edu and report it.

Typographics Festival aims to create a safe space for all in the design community to present, hold discussions and learn. It is the nature of a large online event that there can be a delay in responding to difficult situations. Most of the people powering TypeLab are volunteers who are generously giving their time and expertise to make it happen on such a scale. It’s an ambitious project that has required months of preparations and the generosity of loyal sponsors.

Date & time:
17th June, 2021, 12:00 PM – Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 11:59 AM (UTC+08)

Register HERE.

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