Eco Living at The Haven Resort Hotel Ipoh All Suites

1. The Haven Resort Hotel Ipoh All Suites with solar-panelled car park
1. The Haven Resort Hotel Ipoh All Suites with solar-panelled car park

Acclaimed as the “World’s Best Value Condominium” and dubbed “Haven on Earth”, The Haven has long adopted green initiatives beyond the property’s green nature and Titiwangsa Range as its backdrop.

Of course, to appreciate the thought that has been put in by the developer, The Haven Sdn. Bhd., one has to spend at least a couple of days at The Haven to enjoy its serenity and fresh air.

Mr. Peter Chan, Chairman of The Haven Sdn. Bhd. explained, “As The Haven is not an urban project, many of the urban green criteria are not applicable in the assessment of the “greeness” of this development. The site is located at nature’s edge with all its attractions and benefits, yet it is in the city, with all conveniences of city life.

“As such, The Haven is a self-contained community where residents do not have to commute outside of the property for their basic needs.”

2. bins for recycling
2. bins for recycling

Despite not awarded maximum Green Building Index points for being sited away from the bus terminal and railway station, a responsible and commonsense approach was taken in preserving the project in its entirety, without over-emphasising on the urban green initiatives.

For one, no trees were fell or rock formation blasted at the site to keep nature intact and pristine throughout and after the construction of buildings has been completed. In fact, to further enhance the environment, hundreds of trees and flora that are native to the area have been planted.

Chan added, “Within this setting, we do our part in using where feasible, all forms of renewable energy initiatives.”

Bearing in mind the ecology of the area, maximum windows and sliding doors are put in place to reduce the need for air conditioning, saving the use of excessive energy in Malaysia’s tropical heat. At The Haven, fans are preferred over air-conditioners.

3. plant walls
3. plant walls

Buildings in The Haven are designed with maximum ventilation, lighting and views for every unit. Buildings are ‘split’ for unobstructed ventilation and look out to either the lake or hills. To serve this purpose, two low-level multi-storey car parks are intentionally placed between and behind the three blocks of buildings.

Other green initiatives taken by the developer included the use of metal form-works in its construction, which are reusable, also the use of durable and high-quality Shell Flintkote waterproofing paint for the exterior, which lasts 8-10 years.

4. wind turbine
4. wind turbine

In addition, The Haven is on the National Suria 1000 programme to generate energy by solar panels which is used to light up the common areas, plus a wind turbine for the generation of lighting for its jogging track, which acts as a constant reminder that The Haven is an eco-development.

Rain-harvesting is implemented to ensure that water level in the lake remains constant. Also, within the grounds of The Haven, special pits are created to decompose waste matter for use as organic fertilisers in the garden. This eliminates the need for chemical fertilisers to maintain the lush garden of the property.

5. bins for recycling
5. bins for recycling

For the disposal of household garbage, different coloured bins are provided for the separation of paper, plastic, bottles and others, for recycling purposes. These bins are available on all floors of the three blocks of buildings.

Additionally, to reduce the need for commuting to meetings outside of the property, The Haven provides high-speed fibre-optic internet connectivity, centralised Astro or Pay TV and other communication facilities.

Indeed, The Haven has won multiple awards based on these green initiatives, such as ‘Best Green Development’ and ‘Eco Developer of the Year’.

Of the more than forty national and international accolades that The Haven has won thus far, most of them were over much higher priced condominium projects from around the country.

This full-facility condominium recently upgraded itself to a luxurious Condotel for the benefit of its owners. This move adds tremendous value to unit owners as they literally check into a 5-star hotel without paying extra for this luxury as they return home every day.

For further information or reservation, contact:

The Haven Resort Hotel Ipoh All Suites
Add: Jalan Haven (Persiaran Lembah Perpaduan), 31150 Tambun, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
GPS Coordinates: N 04° 38.167′ E101° 9.684′

Web: The Haven Resort Hotel Ipoh All Suites
Tel: +605-5400000
Fax: +605-5400099
Hotline: 1700.8.1700.0

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  1. I like that many real estate companies are becoming eco-friendly. I wonder what it looks like inside their units 🙂

  2. This is the model kind of apartment that every development should follow! Having these Eco features in the building makes everyone living in it feel more responsible for the environment and embrace all these green movements.

  3. Eco friendly- how nice! Will try to see if I can book there for a stay, am curious to know how it is like inside the units 🙂

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