The Pet Safari @ IKANO Power Centre, Petaling Jaya

My trip to The Pet Safari seems like a lifetime ago. Just now, when I decided to write about it, I thought that it was at The Curve. Well, actually, the one I visited was in IKANO Power Centre. I hopped to a few shopping malls the same afternoon I was there, you see, so the information is a little jumbled in my mind.

When I found out we would be visiting The Pet Safari that Sunday afternoon in March, I was very excited. I have sworn off keeping pets but I still love animals. As you could imagine, I was looking forward to play with some dogs and cats at The Pet Safari.

Pet Safari doggie
The Pet Safari dog

I wanted to take some photos and actually marched in with camera on hand only to notice a signboard saying that no photographs are allowed. I still had my camera phone in my pocket but was afraid that it would get confiscated so I didn’t risk taking it out.

Anyway, when I was there, I forgot that The Pet Safari suffered from pretty bad publicity a few years ago when a dog was found half dead in its premises without adequate medical attention. As I understand it, the dog later died. My friend reminded me of the case but I didn’t know that there are actually a few Pet Safaris so I do not know if it happened in this particular Safari.

Pet Safari rabbit
The Pet Safari rabbit

I have to say that I was pretty disappointed with my visit to The Pet Safari. Inside is totally not how I had envisioned it to be. There weren’t many dogs and cats, probably totaled ten only, but there were reptiles and birds. There were also plenty of pet merchandise for sale, though, from pet food to pet accessories to pet clothing.

Perhaps I should make a visit to Sunway Pyramid and The Mines Shopping Fair the next time I am in the capital city. Hopefully, these Safaris have more to offer.

ETA: IKANO Power Centre is known as IPC Shopping Centre beginning March, 2011.

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One thought on “The Pet Safari @ IKANO Power Centre, Petaling Jaya

  1. i was there last weekend, some renovations under going at the cat’s area.

    it was indeed a sad sight, it’s gloomy. lot’s of sales going on and things weren’t that organised.

    i hope they will improve, for the animals sake.

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