Although I have stayed at many types of hotels that suit different budgets, I have never bothered myself with whether a hotel has a swimming pool. I don’t know how to swim and even if I did, I don’t have time to use the pool as I am usually out and about the whole day.

However, during one of my recent vacations, which was to Singapore where I put up at Hotel Re! (no swimming pool, no issue), I was invited to inspect another hotel, which has an odd-shaped swimming pool.

Trust me, the pool has a geometric shape which makes you wonder how anyone could swim in it comfortably. I sensed that the pool is there only because the owners thought that they should provide their guests with one, and so, created it out of any extra space available to them.

Best Western Premier The Haven seahorse shaped swimming pool

1. The Haven seahorse-shaped swimming pool by night

That was when I realised how much thought The Haven has put into designing the 60-metre long seahorse-shaped swimming pool, which was launched on Dec 22, 2012 with a pool party for sixty special needs children – yes, I remember the morning clearly as I attended the event as well.

Best Western Premier The Haven seahorse shaped swimming pool

2. The Haven seahorse-shaped swimming pool by day

Now, I have been to The Haven numerous times over the years but I have never used the pool myself, even though the 5-level infinity pool includes a Jacuzzi, lap pool, leisure pool, children’s pool and wading pool.

Best Western Premier The Haven seahorse shaped swimming pool

3. Can you see the shape of the pool?

But each time I am there, I enjoy looking at the shape of the pool, and it puts a smile on my face. I particularly like the 4-inch transparent infinity edge at the belly and beak of the seahorse.

If you are visiting The Haven or have booked your vacation there, remember to check out the swimming pool and its trademark design.

Add: Jalan Haven (Persiaran Lembah Perpaduan), 31150 Tambun, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
GPS Coordinates: N 04° 38.167′ E101° 9.684′

Tel: +605 220 9000
Fax: +605 220 9011
Hotline: 1700.8.1700.0

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