A Taste of Pak Ali’s Honey Pickles

Penang pickles
1. Jeruk Madu Pak Ali

The honey pickles produced by Pak Ali Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. are snacks that are difficult to resist.

Penang pickles
2. shopping for pickles

Anyone who passes by Simpang Ampat in Seberang Perai Selatan will surely purchase bags of pickles of different varieties for family and friends back home, besides for self-indulgence.

Penang pickles
3. shopping for pickles

In addition to the famed honey pickles of at least twelve different types of fruits, without taking into account seasonal fruits, Pak Ali also produces a good range of traditional Malay snacks, fruit juices and sauces.

Penang pickles
4. cutting

A third-generation family business which began with a honey pickle secret recipe handed down by its founder, Ali Omar, since its establishment in 1985 as a cottage industry, the business has seen rapid growth, and will be moving to its third production facility soon.

Penang pickles
5. area where salt is removed from the fruits

This third plant in nearby Perda Tasek is a 84,000 sq. ft. facility with an investment of RM2.5 million. With this new plant, production is set to increase to 3,000 metric tonnes a year from the current 2,000 metric tonnes. Workforce will also increase from the present 85 to 150. And to think that it all began with a workforce of 3!

Penang pickles
6. in the process of removing salt from the fruits – requires two days

The process of peeling and cutting up the fruits according to size requires 35 people daily. They each have to cut at least 150kg of fruits a day. That’s a lot of work, don’t you think so?

Penang pickles
7. stockpile of sugar

During a recent visit to Pak Ali’s factory, we were taken on a tour to witness for ourselves the production process of honey pickles.

Penang pickles
8. final check

Upon receiving the fresh raw fruits from suppliers, the fruits are graded and then pickled, from two to seven days. The fruits are then cut according to size, and soaked for two days.

Penang pickles
9. packing

And then begins the process of preservation with a mixture of sugar, honey and apple cider vinegar. These pickled fruits are ready to be served after 24 hours.

Penang pickles
10. mixing the peneram dough

Pickled fruits can be kept for at least three months from the point of preservation.

Penang pickles
11. shaping peneram before they are fried

Pak Ali Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Add: Lot 420, 421, 652 – 655, Kawasan Perindustrian Perda Tasek, 14120 Simpang Ampat, Seberang Perai Selatan, Pulau Pinang.
Tel: +604-5883781
Fax: +604-5883781
Email: pakalifood@gmail.com

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