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Of all the F&B outlets at SkyAvenue, Tian Ma Bird Nest ranks very high for me because I believe in the potential of bird’s nest in beautifying my complexion. This time around at 天马燕窝 Tian Ma Bird Nest Genting (Heavenly Horse) as part of the 24-Hour Food Trail Eating Marathon hosted by Resorts World Genting and ... continue reading »

For the longest time, I had scoffed at the benefits of bird's nest. Many people say how effective it is and how it can make women beautiful. I did not believe them. Well, that was until one day, I desperately looked for a cure for my poor complexion, a result of travel stress, being out ... continue reading »

With a combination of stress, heat, dehydration and sleeplessness from the Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut Food & Fun Hunt, I did not look my best when I was holidaying in Lumut. Who would, with volcanoes erupting on her face? Luckily, accompanying me on my holiday was a local friend, Cheong, who is like a human ... continue reading »

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