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Get Your Furry Friends Ready for Pet Pirate Treasure Hunt

Sep 11, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events

As a pet owner, I am delighted to see this poster because it's going to be an exciting time for the entire family at ISPCA's inaugural Pet Pirate Treasure Hunt. Gather your children as well as pets and register for the event to be hosted at Eco Park 2, Bandar Seri Botani, Ipoh, on 14th October, ... continue reading »

Bandar Seri Botani ECO-Park

Nov 13, 2014 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Bandar Seri Botani eco park

This park, part of Bandar Seri Botani residential development, is known as ECO-Park. It welcomes the public for recreational purposes and not only specifically for residents of the area. Opened since about four years ago, bicycles, cars and other vehicles are no longer allowed into the premises of ECO-Park. People come to this park as early as 6am ... continue reading »

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