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Reverse Biological Ageing Process For a More Radiant YOU

Recently, I have been researching on collagen products in the market that deter the ageing process. Let me tell you, wrinkles, dark spots and grey strands of hair are not a pretty sight! Sure, age is just a number and what matters is how we feel but these tell-tale signs are stark reminders of the truth.

Coincidentally, I was invited to attend the soft launch of a new product in the market, that is said to be able to reverse the biological ageing process, derived from its cocktail of natural ingredients in this amino antioxidant collagen beverage.

It is interesting to note that BioFri has a molecular size of 1000 daltons, which is ideal for the body to absorb. Of interest is that each sachet contains 5000 mg of collagen, also the optimum volume for our body to absorb. Not too little, not too much, so there will not be any wastage.

Do you know that our body loses some 1.5 to 2% of collagen per year, and the decline becomes noticeable from our mid-thirties and gets worse over time? Therefore, it is important that we start replenishing this loss via a collagen supplement to maintain our body’s collagen level to keep us healthy from the inside out.

Collagen, for those who are unfamiliar, provides strength plus stability to our artery walls, organs and tissues, similar to the role of mesh that reinforces concrete.

BioFri supplement beverage
BioFri supplement beverage

In this context, BioFri contains all the desired amino acids for the restoration of collagen fibres in the body. Vitamin C, proline, carnitine and arginine strengthen the collagen and connectivity tissues that may inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells. As such, BioFri regenerates skin cells, prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL) thus giving the skin a more supple and radiant glow, with lesser fine lines, dark spots alongside other effects of ageing.

BioFri is a diet-friendly supplement beverage as it is a holistic formulation of isolated soy protein dipeptides, mixed berries, acid aminos, vitamins, asthaxanthin, aloe vera, antioxidants, among others, to help improve overall health and well-being of the consumer.

Meanwhile, the effectiveness of any collagen supplement depends on three primary factors: right type of collagen, the right molecular size together with the correct amount.

Holding on to this winning formula, BioFri contains the collagen that most replicates what we naturally have in our body to ensure that it effectively replenishes the biological loss that we face on a daily basis, as the collagen peptides are rapidly absorbed into our bloodstream and help rebuild the loss in our body.

Frida Khong with BioFri
Frida Khong with BioFri

Assuredly, the consumer is expected to look more radiant with improved skin texture, suppleness and brightness, as well as feel energised. The mixture of ingredients in BioFri also boosts our immune system, which is especially needed during this time of a worldwide viral infection.

Here are the primary ingredients of BioFri:

A. Soy Peptides – a refreshing change from the more common peptides of goat milk
B. 4 types of marine collage peptides (salmon, haddock, pollard & tilapia)
C. 4 types of berries – elderberries, cranberries, goji berries & blueberries
D. 4 types of acid aminos (lysine, carnitine, arginine & proline)
E. Asthaxantin
F. Glutathione
G. Vitamin C
H. Vitamin E
I. Acerola
J. Ginger powder extract
K. Aloe Vera
L. Vitamin premix
M. Alpha-lipoic acid

You will notice that the added benefits of this cocktail of natural ingredients translate to wellness in cartilage and bone health, immune system, blood circulation, skin elasticity and antioxidant, all to reverse the effects of biological ageing.

Also, by supplementing the loss of minerals, vitamins, plus collagen, damage to tissues or organs is restored gradually. Additionally, BioFri has proven to alleviate joint inflammation, via the multiple antioxidants.

BioFri comes in boxes of 15 sachets (15 gm per sachet), at a promotional price of RM238 per box. Each box is good for 15 days, meaning, one sachet is to be consumed per day. However, for younger men and women who would like to start on this supplement before collagen loss becomes too drastic, they can consume BioFri on alternate days. One sachet is recommended in the morning before food. To prepare, mix the BioFri powder with 150 ml room temperature water in the shaker. Drink immediately.

BioFri is also sold in a combo set of two boxes (30 sachets in total), at a promotional price of RM398 per combo.

Another option is the Family Combo, at the promotional price of RM1194 for 3 Combo sets, PLUS 1 FREE Combo set (120 sachets in total).

This promotional offer is valid from now until 28th February, 2021.

To purchase BioFri, contact:

(1) Sharon Mak – 012-5011332
(2) Dr Genesalingam – 016-4140666
(3) Mariana Hamid – 018-2054690
(4) Dato’ Maria – 012-5107374
(5) Debbie Chan – 010-3894168
(6) Dinitha Segar – 014-2639663
(7) Jenny Lai – 012-5038228
(8) CK Wong – 012-5074388
(9) Emmeline Yong – 012-4883785
(10) WY Liew – 016-2743125

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Biofri-100128678528499/

Safeena body & hair fragrance
Safeena body & hair fragrance

Simultaneously launched with the KKM-approved BioFri was Safeena body & hair fragrance spray. Comes in spray cans of 100 ml each, this floral bouquet scent refreshes the user with a modest spritz on one’s hair, body or wherever necessary, externally. It is certainly handy, especially for those who are unable to take a shower or to refresh oneself in the normal way, as Safeena helps one to feel fresh as well as confident all day long, because each spritz lasts at least 4 hours, up to 6. Suitable for both men and women, for any hair and skin type, Safeena body & hair fragrance spray is definitely going into my hand-carry when I can resume travelling! B.O. be gone!

Price per can (100 ml) is RM68, good for two months of moderate use. This offer is also valid until 28th February, 2021.

To purchase Safeena body & hair fragrance spray, contact:

(1) Signature Illumine Enterprise – 012-5011332
(2) LyAnna Beauty Arcade – 018-2054690
(3) YSL One Hub Trading – 012-5087238
(4) Siew Collection Unisex Hair Salon – 012-5279331
(5) Well On Pharmacy – 012-5206977
(6) Juls – 019-8657712

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Safeena-109878114154555/

Frida Khong
Frida Khong with her products

The founder of both BioFri and Safeena is Ipoh-based entrepreneur, Ms Frida Khong. A business-cum-marketing consultant by profession with more than 20 years of experience and in this venture, she is joined by a dynamic corporate team comprising members from various backgrounds:

Dr Genesalingam, Medical Director of Klinik Medione Group and Hyperbaric Regenerative Wound Care Centre
Mr Vikneswaran Sivanadian, Advocate & Solicitor from Messrs Nizam Viknes & Co
Mr Chong Chee Meng, Chong Management Services and Tax Consultant

the BioFri team
the BioFri team

Business partners are also from multiple industries:
Ms Sharon Mak, a dynamic entrepreneur
Ms Debbie Chan, who is in the F&B industry
Dato’ Maria, founder of DMB skincare
Mdm Mariana Hamid, 40 years experience in the hotel industry
Ms  Emmeline Yong, trainer, business consultant, dance instructor
Ms Dinitha Segar, from the medical industry
Master Wong Chee Keong, established Chinese feng shui (geomancy) and astrology consultant
Ms Jenny Lai, experienced pet groomer
Ms Thor Siew Leng, hair & beauty artist

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