Putrajaya Wetland Park

Putrajaya Wetland
it’s bird-watching time

As mentioned in my previous post, those who opted out of the Putrajaya CC1M Bike Ride met up with the cyclists at the Putrajaya Wetland Park. This park could be one of the best kept secrets of Putrajaya. There are 12 nature parks here, and this wetland is one of them.

Putrajaya Wetland
the different species of birds

Putrajaya Wetland
feeding time

More than 150 species of birds could be found here, and at any one time, there are some 500 – 600 birds here, a handful of them are nesting all year round, and could be seen throughout the year. They are all migratory birds from the Northern Hemisphere, some stayed put and never left.

Putrajaya Wetland
L-R: Esther Choi (KL), Melvin Ng (Pahang) & Law Kok Ming (Brunei) learning about the different bird species found at this park

Additionally, there is also a family of twenty otters. Don’t know where they came from but it’s all natural. Unfortunately, I do not have a suitable camera for bird-watching activities!

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