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A Visit To Sepang International Circuit (SIC)

Sepang International Circuit
flag of Malaysia

A visit to Sepang International Circuit (SIC) was part of the preliminary activities lined-up for participants of the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012. While many people had visited this circuit, we got to drive on it. What a rare chance! Lucky us!!

Sepang International Circuit
Sepang F1 stands

As Proton Bhd. is the official vehicle sponsor for this inaugural tourism hunt, we were all assigned cars from Proton – different models from the latest Preve to Inspira, Exora, Gen 2, etc.

Sepang International Circuit
yes, it’s Sepang International Circuit

During our visit to SIC, we had a test drive session and a guided tour of the important areas of the circuit. Each person had an opportunity to drive two laps – it wasn’t for us to race against one another but to familiarise ourselves with the vehicle. It was definitely an experience by itself, and the tourism hunt hadn’t even started yet!

Sepang International Circuit

SIC is the first Formula 1 circuit in South East Asia. I was quite surprised when I learned that the circuit is booked every single day. Can you imagine that? And I thought that it is only open during the season Formula One, MotoGP, Japan Super GT, and other motor sports. This circuit is definitely more than that!

Sepang International Circuit
the grand stand

So why do people book the circuit? Car and tyre manufacturers book to test their new products. It is quite funny to be told that new cars are wrapped in newspapers whilst being tested at SIC as the manufacturer doesn’t want any photos leaked out.

Sepang International Circuit
the pit lane

Event companies and corporate bodies also book the circuit for social functions, or as an incentive to clients. The first fashion show on the circuit would soon be held too. The Perdana Suite is up for rent at a shocking RM55,000 per day.

Sepang International Circuit
Perdana Suite

The Sepang International Circuit is 5.542km long and the tar is of finer grade compared to our “normal” road, but there is also a mini-F1 track for go-karting. Too bad we did not have enough time for karting. It would be fun too.

Sepang International Circuit
Mr. Ecclestone’s room

But it was still great! Not many people are rich enough to rent time at the circuit, or lucky enough to win contests promising prizes of driving or being driven on the Sepang International Circuit!

Sepang International Circuit
race control room

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