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Pitching Paste @ P.O.R.T.

Pitching Paste
creative exhibits at Pitching Paste

Pitching Paste was a two-day Perak Youth Entrepreneur programme organised by Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR) and held at Koloni Karyawan Amanjaya (P.O.R.T.).

Pitching Paste
an exhibition counter

Pitching Paste
Urban Village, a creative entrepreneurship hub, from Kuala Lumpur

The objective of the programme was to provide opportunities for youths in the city to present their ideas, demonstrate their inventions and introduce their products to financiers. In short, it was a platform for budding entrepreneurs to network.

Pitching Paste
Ziha’s Crochet

Pitching Paste
Projek Rabak

Additionally, there were booths set up by Urban Village, a creative entrepreneurship hub from Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, KariPOP, Tarik Jeans, Selut Press, Zid Comic and Projek Rabak.

Pitching Paste
Apprenticeship Presentation - mentor En. Roslan Abdullah from Institut Darul Ridzuan on the mic

 Pitching Paste
a student facing the ‘firing squad’

Event: Pitching Paste
Venue: Koloni Karyawan Amanjaya (P.O.R.T.).
Date: 21st & 22nd
Time: 9am – 4.30pm

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One thought on “Pitching Paste @ P.O.R.T.

  1. this is a great event. sometimes the people in Malaysia place too high a priority in academics. children who are talented are forced to pursue something different from what they are interested in just bcoz some people have the mentality that you can’t earn any money if you’re not a lawyer, doctor, engineer, etc. this event provides an opportunity to youngsters who are passionate about the world of creativeness and allows them to prove that their works have quaality and are appreciated by others. it also creates the realisation that these people won’t end up broke. so don’t worry.. let your kids pursue what they are interested in. they wont end up lying in a ditch somewhere..

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