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learning traditional Chinese dance

While a large group of children are practising kung fu, another group, all girls, were also busy. They were busy with their dance practice. Like the kung fu kids, these too gather at Wisma Chin Woo every Sunday morning to learn traditional Chinese dances. A couple of mothers were watching the children while the kids were put through the paces. This is their routine, they said, even during exam periods because dancing is good exercise.

Chinese traditional dance

following the instructress

Traditional dance classes are also similarly heavily subsidised by Ipoh Chinese Chinwoo Athletic Association, thus parents also only need to pay RM10 per month per child. This low fee, frankly, we can’t find anywhere else!

dance practice Ipoh


I asked a mother why she decided to send her two daughters here to learn Chinese dances. She said it’s because she was a student here too, when she was younger. Wah, second generation already! She said that besides learning dance, children here also learn to socialise and acquire interaction-cum-communication skills. Growing up together, they are like one big family.

Chinese dance

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Seeing the long hours that kids have to spend here, I was concerned that this would affect their studies. On the contrary, they are all doing really well academically.

Learn Chinese cultural dances in Ipoh! Classes: Sunday – 10.30am – 1pm

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