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Lazy One pajamas

Pajama Party Fun ~ Those Were The Nights

With the lockdowns that don’t seem to have an end, I am beginning to count the many things that I miss doing. Travelling is one, pajama party is the other. It used to be a monthly affair for my friends and me, where we schedule a sleepover at different friend’s houses or apartments each time. There were five in our tight-knit group, and we always had the best of time. We would start our party on Friday nights and it would go on until Sunday, before we start work again on Monday.

These days, when we can no longer have fun with people from other households, we can only organize our own fun family activities, and it includes pajama parties! It may sound odd to those who never tried it before, but believe me, it is a blast even if it’s only with family and not friends.

Lazy One pajamas
Lazy One pajamas

What do you need? Only cute pajamas to qualify. Please don’t come in “aunty-style” pjs. We want something fresh, something young at heart, such as those offered by lazyone fun brand.

Have a look at the LazyOne family pajamas range and tell me you don’t want to buy them all! That’s the urge I have, and I am sure you will feel similar as well. With so many different prints and designs, there is surely something for everyone. And the prices are really reasonable also.

How about organizing your own family pajamas set party end of this month? That’s what we are planning to do and we are looking forward to it already!

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