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Observed in some countries in the West annually on 31st October, Halloween originated from a Celtic festival some 2000 years ago, called Samhain (pronounced sow-in). The day, also New Year’s eve, marked the end of the summer harvesting season and the transition to a harsh winter.

Halloween (photo credit: Late Night Parents)
Halloween (photo credit: Late Night Parents)

The Celts believed that this was a day when the fine line between living and dead was blurred, and it was a time when spirits roamed the living world. Hence, Samhain was hosted, with the Celts dressed in costumes of animal heads for the occasion. Bonfires were lit, while crops were burnt and animals slaughtered as sacrifices to the Celtic deities, all to scare away otherworldly beings. Hence, Halloween or All Hallows’ Evening and All Saints’ Eve, was also a day to remember those who have passed on.

Halloween in Malaysia
Celebrated in a more commercial manner, revellers dress in their ghoulish best to party the hours away. But the night of frights can be more than drinking and dancing. So, what else is there to do to commemorate the event?

Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Fright 6

Halloween in Malaysia gets bigger and better over the years. At Sunway Lagoon, it’s time to face the fear on the Nights of Fright. Held for the sixth consecutive year, this Festival of Fear is touted to be scarier than ever with its various haunted attractions and scare zones. Happening every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 7.30pm until 11.30pm throughout the month of October, waiting for visitors are The Legend of the Mist, Coulrophobia – The Fear of Clowns, Incident at the Slaughterhouse and many more. Do you dare to set foot in Sunway Lagoon to face your fear head on?

Run for your life
Friends on Penang Island can join in the fun, or rather fright, by participating in the 2nd Penang Halloween Hustle Night Run 2018, a 6km non-competitive walk/run with scary zombies. Let’s see how many attendees can still keep a slow pace, with zombies running alongside them!

2nd Penang Halloween Hustle Night Run 2018

A similar run is being organised in Kota Kinabalu. Participators are encouraged to be as creative as possible and run in their most horrifying makeup. This is the only way to outdo the ghosts in this exciting Halloween Run.

Not present in Penang or Kota Kinabalu? Sign up for the Halloween Skeleton Virtual Run 2018, which means you are essentially anywhere and still can take part in the Run! But what about the evil spirits, you may ask. Well, they are all in your imagination!

Halloween in Bangkok
Up north in Metropolitan Bangkok, it may not be the best city for trick-or-treating, but it is just a matter of knowing where to go.

Halloween party @ Silom Soi 4 (pic from RebelsMarket.com)

Silom Soi 4 is one of the most happening spots during Halloween, so wear your most frightening costume to this street party. Additionally, bars, clubs and restaurants located along this strip are certain to organise their own Halloween festivities. Therefore, be prepared to let your hair down, if you are brave enough to venture into the street of Silom Soi 4!

Halloween in Singapore
Across the Causeway in the little red dot of Singapore, what’s in store for us is the eighth edition of Southeast Asia’s largest and most intense Halloween event.

Halloween Horror Nights 8 @ Universal Studios Singapore
Halloween Horror Nights 8 @ Universal Studios Singapore

Hosted at Universal Studios Singapore, original Asian-themed scare acts and Western horrors are bound to make even the bravest visitor scream at the top of his lungs. Available for 15 nights in October, this is one Halloween event that is not to be missed should you find yourself in Singapore during this ghoulish season.

Kids aren’t left out too, as they can have their own spooky fun at KidZania Singapore’s SpookyTown. The town’s mayor is recruiting gutsy kids to help uncover the truth of The Lost Carnival, which made the entire town’s residents, apart from Mayor Fabiola, to go missing following a mysterious explosion caused by Dr SpookZ, the town’s alchemist.

Halloween in Melbourne
Down under in Melbourne, Australia, brace yourself for the Spooktober Halloween Festival at St. Kilda Town Hall. For five full evenings from Halloween night, witness the Spooky Stage come alive with themed performances, and participate in many more games and activities, including two haunted houses, infested with hungry spirits.

Spooktober Halloween Festival @ St. Kilda Town Hall, Melbourne

Over at Luna Park, the historic theme park is hosting Luna Dark 2018, Melbourne’s biggest kid-friendly costume party. Tread with care, as the park is roaming with spooks with only one dedicated mission in mind: to scare the living daylights out of you!

Do you already feel a shiver down your spine just by reading this unnerving post?

Note: An edited version of this article is published in the October 2018 issue of Malindo Air in-flight magazine. Photos used here are for illustration purposes only.

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