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Media Preview: Once Upon A Time (皇宫灿烂)

Once Upon A Time
Jensom Ng of World Trend Corporate (R) with sponsors of Once Upon A Time

Selected members of the press in Ipoh were invited to a special media preview of Jack Lim’s 2013 Chinese New Year production, Once Upon A Time (皇宫灿烂). The comedy, directed by Silver, and presented by World Trend Corporate Sdn. Bhd., the sponsorship director, has an original storyline by Jack Lim himself.

Once Upon A Time
Jensom fields questions from the press

It is about a “good-for-nothing” Emperor, played by Jack Lim, of the stone-age era 6,000 years ago, who accidentally time-travelled to 2013. He was forced to be a beggar in order to survive in the modern world. After a series of mishaps, he returned to his prehistoric kingdom, only to find that the world he once lived in has changed.

Once Upon A Time
preview of Once Upon A Time in progress

Ipohites are especially proud that a good part of the movie was shot in Ipoh, to be specific, Waterfront City in Lahat Mines. The Emperor’s kingdom itself was built at a cost of a cool million Ringgit. Sunrise Palace Sdn. Bhd., the developer of Waterfront City, was one of the sponsors of the movie. The other main Perak-based sponsors included Foh San Restaurant, Mico Furniture Sdn. Bhd., 5-Star Ceramics Sdn. Bhd., MednSPA and Gossip Jazz Blues Lounge. Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments was the official hotel.

Once Upon A Time
a recorded video message of Jack Lim especially for fans in Ipoh

This special media preview of Once Upon A Time (皇宫灿烂) was a run up to the celebrity gala premier of the movie in Ipoh at TGV AEON Station 18 on 3rd Feb. More than ten members of the main cast will be present for the gala event, where Raja DiHilir Perak, HRH Raja Jaafar bin Raja Muda Musa, is the guest-of-honour.

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time movie poster

At about 10.30pm, right after the celebrity gala premier, the stars will adjourn to S.O.S. (Sensation of Sound, along Jalan Raja Ekram), for yet another meet-the-fans session. Fans will have the opportunity to listen to DJ Ken’s remix of Once Upon A Time (皇宫灿烂) soundtrack. It would be quite a treat! Book your tables at S.O.S. NOW. Call 016-5546991, 010-3886131, 016-3333894 OR 011-14247084.

Once Upon A Time
exclusive invitations to Ipoh's Once Upon A Time celebrity gala premier

Once Upon A Time (皇宫灿烂) will be screened simultaneously in record-breaking 108 cinemas nationwide on 7th Feb, 2013. I’m certainly getting my tickets. What about you?

Event: Media Preview: Once Upon A Time (皇宫灿烂)
Venue: Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, Ipoh
Date: 30th Jan, 2013
Time: 2pm

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