Meet & Greet – Ah Beng: Mission Impossible

Ah Beng Mission Impossible
cast of Ah Beng: Mission Impossible with the movie’s director, Silver

Even as Ah Beng: Mission Impossible (阿炳馬到功成), Jack Lim’s annual Chinese New Year movie, has been released in cinemas on Jan 23, Jack Lim, who reprised his character Ah Beng the security guard, and cast continue on a roadshow to promote the movie.

Ah Beng Mission Impossible
Jack Lim (L) chats with Bernard Tau Fu Pok (R)

Five of the movie’s stars, including Jack Lim, and Director, Silver Yee, were at GP Food Court in Bercham last evening. Although the crowd was modest, the fans were enthusiastic. They had the chance to win prizes through stage games, photo opportunity and autograph session.

Ah Beng Mission Impossible
Gan Mei Yan promoting Ah Beng: Mission Impossible merchandise

I have not watched this movie yet, but from what I heard, this is a better effort than last year’s historical “Once Upon A Time” (皇宫灿烂). For the first time from Jack, this is an action movie. After all, Ah Beng is the accidental secret agent.

Ah Beng Mission Impossible
Joe beatboxing

Just like “Once Upon A Time” though, some scenes of Ah Beng: Mission Impossible, were filmed in Perak, including Kellie’s Castle. Part of the movie was even shot in South Korea!

Ah Beng Mission Impossible
Jack (L) interviews Yumi (R)

Official synopsis

Just when Malaysian Chinese are gearing up for Lunar New Year celebrations, security guard Ah Beng (Jack Lim) receives a call from his company. He is asked to cancel his Lunar New Year holiday for a “simple” mission, which infuriates him. However, Ah Beng immediately changes his mind knowing that the mission promises a handsome reward of RM1 million.

With his task on hand, Ah Beng goes to Korea to meet up with an old couple (Remon Lim & Albert Nico). He has to sign a will involving a sizable inheritance of RM500 million. Unable to speak a word of Korean, Ah Beng asks Korean-pop fan Ah Hian (Jeff) to go along.

Ah Beng Mission Impossible
L-R: Bernard, Jack & Joe singing the Ah Beng: Mission Impossible theme song, Kampung Chye

For the mission, Ah Beng disguises as Mark Ma, a rich man’s long lost son. Mark is a professional bodyguard and has an attractive sister, Maggie Ma (Yumi Wong). Behind her pretty smile, Maggie, too, keeps some secrets!

Ah Beng’s seemingly simple mission, which only requires his signature, eventually implicates his entire family, even affecting A-Lian and “Salted Fish” Lian’s relationship. His good friends, Rain and Bobby (Royce & Bernard) are caught in the mess too.

At the same time, Mark’s sister, Maggie, and Ah Beng’s parents are kidnapped. Meanwhile, “Salted Fish” Lian is threatened for a ransom of RM5 million!

How will Ah Beng solve the mission impossible? Will he succeed? Ah Beng’s thrilling adventure begins…

Ah Beng Mission Impossible
cast of Ah Beng: Mission Impossible engaging with fans

Event: Meet & Greet – Ah Beng: Mission Impossible
Venue: GP Food Court, Bercham, Ipoh
Date: 24th Jan, 2014
Time: 8pm

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