Langkawi Food Trail

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Langkawi food
Jom Ikan Bakar!

When on the road, the only food I take at the hotel is my breakfast. I want to eat like a local, you see, and so, with this post, I have compiled photos of some of the restaurants and eateries where we had our meals.

Langkawi food
fish being marinated

Langkawi food
it’s time to put them over the fire

It’s quite surprising that food here is priced cheaply. Even more affordable than Ipoh food. Check out my photos, let me know if they are mouth-watering to you! Let’s start with Jom Ikan Bakar, a road side stall that sells mainly grilled fish.

Langkawi food
Tada! Ready to be served!


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6 thoughts on “Langkawi Food Trail

  1. Simply too many prices to list, but trust me, they are inexpensive!

    As for cendol pulut, the stall has many different ingredients, prices start from RM2+ only!

  2. The last time I went to Langkawi, I was with a bunch of friends who just wanna sleep in the hotel and club in some place. Didn’t get to eat and visit much. 🙂

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