Jeff’s Cellar @ The Banjaran

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There are various “rooms” and I can see that a lot of effort has been put in to preserve nature as much as possible. Jeff’s Cellar is fully air-conditioned and very well-furnished, inclusive of a bar. Sometimes, private functions are held here. I can just imagine this being like “heaven on earth” to anyone who appreciates fine wine since there are almost a thousand bottles of wine here, some limited edition.

Jeff’s Cellar Banjaran

Jeff’s Cellar Banjaran

I was too busy taking photos to really look at the labels on the wine bottles so I am not sure what is in this huge collection. Besides, even if I do go through them, I wouldn’t know what is what since I don’t drink (alcohol) at all. Also, I was worried that my photos wouldn’t turn out nice because of the dim lights in the cellar but thankfully, these are good enough to be published after a little brightening.

Jeff’s Cellar Banjaran

Jeff’s Cellar Banjaran

Still, these photos do not give justification to the magnificence of Jeff’s Cellar. There are still so many corners that I should have shot! Even so, it is a place one has got to see with his own eyes to believe. It’s a place that one has to experience in person. And I, I want to make a second visit!

Jeff’s Cellar Banjaran

Jeff’s Cellar Banjaran

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4 thoughts on “Jeff’s Cellar @ The Banjaran

  1. Any reservation required for a meal at your restaurant? How many days ahead?

    How much to spend for a reasonably good meal per head with wine and without?

    What are the attractions that bring people to visit this place? Is it the food or the uniqueness of this place?

    Other that food and good wine, what can one do to spend an evening in this wine bar?

    Much appreciated for your advice


  2. Hi Paul,

    Jeff’s Cellar is not a restaurant. It is a cellar located in The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat which has a restaurant by the name of Pomelo.

    Jeff’s Cellar is closed to the public but those who want to host a private party may do so here, and of course, reservation is required.

    As for the price, you would need to check with The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat at +605-2107777.

    Check this post also on what Banjaran looks like:

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