IHI Corporate Appreciation Night

Impiana Hotel Ipoh corporate night
1. the management of IHI mingles with guests

About forty guests from ten corporate clients of Impiana Hotel Ipoh were invited to a cosy evening gathering at the hotel’s Bistro last Thursday, just before the long holidays.

Impiana Hotel Ipoh corporate night
2. IHI Marcom Manager Chiam E-Fay (L) chats with guests

Partly to thank the clients for long-standing working relationship, it was also an opportunity for Impiana Hotel Ipoh to introduce their new General Manager, Mr. Peter Padman as well as enabling other management staff to get to know the clients, who would normally only liaise with the sales team.

Impiana Hotel Ipoh corporate night
3. Rafflesia

Patrons were also informed of the touch-up work done on the hotel. The management is aware of the physical condition of the 30-year-old property and plans have been drawn up to update facilities, section by section.

Impiana Hotel Ipoh corporate night
4. the newly refurbished Royal Suite

They had the chance to check out the recently refurbished and decorated Royal Suite, which goes for about RM7000 a night. Needless to say, the hotel is reinvesting to be more competitive in the market.

Impiana Hotel Ipoh corporate night
5. the Royal Suite offers a race course view

While guests tucked into delicious finger food and desserts, the Bistro’s in-house band, Rafflesia, entertained with an extensive range of songs. The band performs every evening (except Sundays) from 8.30pm to midnight.

Event: Corporate Appreciation Night
Venue: Impiana Hotel Ipoh
Date: 30th April, 2015
Time: 6pm

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