I Didn’t Go Missing!

I’m still here and the reason I slacked in my posting is because I am too busy looking for a good template. No, I am still not satisfied with all those that I have loaded to my control panel *sigh* What a fuss pot I am!

And I have upgraded my WordPress from version 2.2 to 2.3 without a glitch *YaY*

I’ve also been playing with Plugins Hahaha Well, I found that some won’t work with certain templates while some work only for FireFox but not IE and vice versa. All these are taking up lots of time with experimenting and testing.

And before I decide on my template, I can’t even add other codes like Stats tracker, Technorati and other fancy elements.

I envision the development of this blog to be slow but then what can I expect when I can’t devote as much time on this baby as I would like?
With love

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