GrabCar Arrives In Ipoh

Slightly more than a year after the arrival of Uber in Ipoh, GrabCar rolls in, not only to Ipoh but also to three other cities: Kuantan, Seremban and Kuching. I was in Kuantan recently but as I had a car, I did not have the chance to try out GrabCar then, until I returned to Ipoh.

1. request a Grab ride
1. request a Grab ride

So, I hailed my first ride in Ipoh lately, and it was an easy process. Perhaps, GrabCar’s application is even easier to use than Uber, after Uber’s mobile application was updated some time ago.

I’ve included some screenshots of the application but have blanked out some details to protect the privacy of my driver.

2. message the driver conveniently
2. message the driver conveniently

According to a reliable source, many Ipoh drivers are registered with both GrabCar and Uber. They just need to have two smartphones to run the two mobile apps at the same time.

She said that for a driver, it is better to drive for Grab because of the smaller radius. 5km versus 30km or something like that, if I remember correctly.

3. details of the ride
3. details of the ride

As for the rider, there is not much difference to go with GrabCar or Uber. Whichever runs a promotion, I say, but then again, GrabCar has reward points and Uber does not.

If you are new to GrabCar, perhaps you want to give it a try.

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20 thoughts on “GrabCar Arrives In Ipoh

  1. Ah nice. It’s great to know that Grabcar is expanding. Certainly extends more offers than Uber at the moment too.

  2. Okay…I must be really lacking on public transportation knowledge ever since i got my car…I did not know that ipoh didn’t already have this service…and well…i would definitely go for the ride that has rewards… ^^

  3. I also used either Grab or Uber whenever I have to go somewhere, it’s much more efficient and the drivers are really nice compared to the taxi cab drivers here in PH.

  4. I’m glad GrabCar is becoming increasingly available in more cities in South East Asia. And I agree that there isn’t much difference between Uber and Grab for passengers.. until Grab introduced its rewards program. 🙂

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