Gold Thread Embroidery @ Kuala Kangsar, Perak

gold thread embroidery
1. Norfaizatol Fazleha demonstrating gold thread embroidery

With patience and passion, Pn. Azizah bt. Hj. Adam’s hobby of embroidery has flourished into a sustainable cottage business for her family.

gold thread embroidery
2. leaf motif

With a work force of ten women, and her daughter, Norfaizatol Fazleha, Pn. Azizah’s company, Azydar Enterprise, based in Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar, has produced countless custom-made intricate household furnishing, particularly Muslim bridal bed sets.

gold thread embroidery

Pn. Azizah, who has 35 years of experience behind her, said that according to her religion, her embroidery are all floral-based motifs. Animal motifs are not allowed in Islam.

gold thread embroidery

These gold-thread embroidery products by Azydar Enterprise are slightly more expensive, admitted Pn. Azizah. This is because they are all 100% manually sewn.

gold thread embroidery

And so, anyone who knows how to appreciate hand-made customised items is willing to pay for them. Readers who would like to place an order with Azydar Enterprise are welcome to contact Pn. Azizah at her mobile number listed below.

gold thread embroidery

Azydar Enterprise
Add: 57A, Kampung Padang Changkat, Bukit Chandan, 33000 Kuala Kangsar, Perak.
Tel: 017-5128720

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